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Venice, picture #505
Australia, picture #45
Shwedagon Pagoda, picture #263
Shwedagon Pagoda
Bora Bora, picture #376
Bora Bora
Helsinki, picture #152
Turkey, picture #175

The emergence of tourism, or something like this, began in ancient times. Many people, led by the desire to know the world and to discover something new, even in ancient times went on a long journey around the world. Most often, this was accompanied by the implementation of some of the mission, for example, the establishment of diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.

Braunwald, picture #104
Notre Dame, picture #522
Notre Dame
Vatican, picture #304
Dolomites, picture #178
Iceland, picture #101
Sweden, picture #230

Everybody loves a vacation. However, differently. Everybody loves to travel to Greenland, Galapagos Islands or Philippines, be surprised by beautiful historical and cultural monuments, lying on the beach, taste the unusual cuisine or have innocent fun in night clubs.

Germany, picture #55
Finland, picture #388
Africa, picture #299
Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, picture #247
Al-Masjid an-Nabawi
Capri, picture #53
Paradise, picture #211

Lake Tahoe or Bahamas, Svalbard or Helsinki - no geography without travel, no travel without adventures. Travel and adventure enrich our knowledge, but also increases the power of imagination. And anyone who has ever in his life met birth of the day or the sunset over the sea when the fire goes out, knows that the real adventure not only borders, but often goes into the realm of fantasy.

Longji, picture #342
Italy, picture #412
Antarctica, picture #13
Switzerland, picture #442
Italy, picture #264
India, picture #228

So you've been to a lot of places - Namibia and Slovenia, Laplandia and Tahiti. And what's the best place for you? - The river of my childhood, was her reply.

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